Saturday, May 28, 2005

One News Story that Won't Get Covered by "The Point"

Given Mark Hyman’s many commentaries whining about what a drain undocumented immigrants are on the United States (including one “Point” where he specifically equated undocumented immigrants with al Quaeda terrorists), I thought it appropriate to post a link to a story in Wired Magazine (and recently picked up by Nightline) about a group of undocumented immigrants from a high school in Phoenix who won a robot design competition, beating out a team from M.I.T.

Not only did their design win the overall prize, but their write up and explanation of their robot won a separate award for the best technical writing. These are second-language speakers of English, mind you.

Unfortunately, it may be
difficult for any of these kids to go to college because of financial and legal obstacles.

That’s probably fine with Mark, though. After all young people like this don’t have anything to offer society. They’re just here to sponge off the rest of us, right Mark?

Thanks to Wired Magazine and Nightline for reminding us of the kind of immigrant spirit on which our country was built—something we’re sorely in need of remembering in the recent spate of barely-camouflaged race-baiting rhetoric about immigration that we’ve heard from kooky-cons like Mr. Hyman.


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