Thursday, September 09, 2004

Taking "The Point" to School

Okay, we admit it. “The Counterpoint” let our guard down, and we got burned. In catching up with the backlog of “Point” commentaries delivered since Labor Day, we skipped over what seemed like a relatively harmless entry. We should know better than to think anything Hyman says is without ulterior motive.

Hyman spent an edition of
"The Point" touting a book called “Choosing the Right College” published by an outfit called Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Sounds pretty harmless, right? And Hyman simply suggests that this reference book can offer a level-headed assessment of colleges and universities that you won’t get from the glossy brochures the schools use to tempt prospective students.

What he doesn’t say is that this book, although masquerading as a general reference book, is in fact a highly conservative tome designed to lead people to schools that don’t have anything as insidious on campus as an African-American studies program or a Gay and Lesbian student organization. The fact that the introduction is written by William “Snake Eyes” Bennett should tell you all you need to know: this book is written by and for people who are paranoid that the average college or university is a hotbed of radical leftism (although Hyman carefully avoids any hint that the book is anything but objective).

But we haven’t had the opportunity to read the book ourselves, so we’ll defer to a couple of people who have, reviewers from and respectively:

“When I bought the 1st edition, I really believed in this book. By the time we
got through the application/admission process, based upon our real experience of
visiting schools, talking to teachers and adminstrators, and sitting in on
classes, I saw it as a very slanted source of information about schools, some of
which was good, but most of which misleads the reader in the direction of the
editor's viewpoint. It made me feel embarrassed to call myself conservative.
Initially, I was too worried about what the college environment would do to my
son. The truth is that as a parent you have either raised them with the correct
values or you haven't, and what happens to your child in college is feedback on
your job performance, not the college's.”

“I found this book very strange. It is misrepresenting itself as a general
college guide. The only people who would find it helpful are neo-conservatives
whose only criteria in choosing a university is that it not have any "feminists"
or "multiculturalism" on campus. It covers over 100 schools, dividing each
review into 3 sections: academic life, political atmosphere, and student life.
The reviews are rather brief and do not offer any helpful information (size,
location, admissions, etc.) that could not be found in other college guides. The
other information presented is highly editorialized. The authors seem a bit
obsessed with bringing up random sexual harassment lawsuits, and the phrase
"politically correct" appears on nearly every page. It's also obvious they have
not done a lot of interviewing of current students and faculty.”

And those are The Counterpoints.


At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastic job! i work for the sinclair station in columbus, ohio and am obligated to run "the point" in my newscast every night without exception. on a few occasions, i've written hyman to express my displeasure at his utter disregard for the truth, and am thrilled to find a like-minded person. here's something i thought might interest you. the reason the "points" during the dnc and rnc seemed so disassociated from what actually happened on stage is that they were recorded and fed out to sinclair stations a day early. so for instance, the hillary commentary that ran on monday, the first night of the dnc, was actually taped and fed out on sunday. so conceivably, hillary could have gotten on stage and endorsed bush, and the point that night wouldn't have mentioned it. i encourage you to pay attention next week. producers have received advanced scripts for next weeks "points" and they all have to do with john kerry. i only read monday's, and only because i saw the run time was 3 minutes; by comparison, we only give our lead stories 1:30, 2 minutes if they're outstanding. at any rate, the theme of monday's point seems to be: john kerry's a murderer. i'll spare you the gory details for now, but will point out a hyman flip-flop. on june 7th, his commentary was "exclusive nonsense", a rant on how news viewers deserve better than stations that tout "exclusive, i-team reports". oddly enough, in monday's point, he touts an "exclusively" obtained document he uses as ammo in his latest attempt at character assassination. stay tuned. it's a classic!


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