Friday, October 15, 2004

Hyman & the Fruit Salad II

Earlier this week, Mark Hyman compared the votes of Senators on a series of bills on Iraq, claiming to find hypocrisy in those who voted against authorizing the president to invade Iraq in 1991 and 2002, but for a resolution calling on the president to bring Iraq into compliance with U.N. resolutions in 1998.

This time around, Hyman
makes the same comparison with members of the House. As we did last time, we’ve made a much better comparison that compares the 1991 and 2002 Iraq votes with the 1999 vote authorizing the president to use air strikes in Kosovo (see the previous “Counterpoint” for a more detailed explanation of this comparison). Here’s a list of House members who voted to authorize a ground invasion involving tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers in both 1991 and 2002, but against supporting the president in using air strikes against Slobodan Milosovic in 1999:

Armey (R)
Baker (R)
Bartlett (R)
Barton (R)
Bilirakis (R)
Boehner (R)
Burton (R)
Coble (R)
Combest (R)
Cox (R)
Cunningham (R)
DeLay (R)
Doolittle (R)
Dreier (R)
Emerson (R)
Gallegly (R)
Gekas (R)
Gillmor (R)
Goss (R)
Green (R)
Hall (D)
Hefley (R)
Johnson (CT) (R)
Jones (R) (Switched from Democrat to Republican after 1999)
Lewis (R)
McCrery (R)
Miller (R)
Nussle (R)
Petri (R)
Ramstad (R)
Rogers (R)
Rohrbacher (R)
Ros-Lehtinen (R)
Saxton (R)
Sensenbrenner (R)
Shaw (R)
Shays (R)
Smith (NJ) (R)
Smith (TX) (R)
Stearns (R)
Taylor (R)
Thomas (R)
Upton (R)
Weldon (R)
Young (AK) (R)
Young (FL) (R)

[Votes cited: HJ Res 77 (1991), S Con Res 21 (1999), HJ Res 114 (2002)]

By the way, we said last time that maybe Mark Hyman flunked the analogy part of his SATs. We now suspect that trauma is even deeper than that. In a
must-read piece on Sinclair at, we hear from a fellow Sinclair employee (who understandably wishes to remain anonymous) that Hyman should be getting fitted for a straightjacket:

"He's certifiable," says one Sinclair employee. "At least that's all coming out now. It's like the Wizard of Oz; the curtain gets pulled back and there's this
weird guy running things."

You know Mark, they’re doing wonderful things in the field of psychiatry today.

And that’s The Counterpoint.


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