Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Photo Finish

Well, we could have predicted this (and in fact, we did). Mark Hyman revealed the top vote getters in his “Whopper of the Year” poll, and the top liars were (drum roll please): George W. Bush and Mark Hyman. We still think Condi Rice should at least get an honorable mention. How about it, Mark?

Hyman lamely tries to take a stab at Dan Rather, saying that he was “the clear winner” in the oddly worded category of “a single identifiable lie and the person who said it” for the story on George W. Bush’s dereliction of duty as a sometime member of the Champaign unit of the Texas Air National Guard. Apparently the questions about the pedigree of the documents used in this particular story qualify as a “lie” in Hyman’s world (and that of a number of “Point” viewers).

Just one thing, though, Mark: the memos didn’t say anything not already established by any number of additional sources. If you have any knowledge of proof that the information in the memos is false, we’d love to hear it. So far, no one, including the president himself, has been able to come up with a single verifiable recollection about his supposed duty in Alabama or Massachusetts.

And condolences on being beat out by the president as the biggest liar of the year. You’ll always be number one with us!

And that’s The Counterpoint.


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