Friday, February 18, 2005


Before resuming normal Counterpoint activity, I just want to take a moment to publicly thank David Brock and the good folks at Media Matters for America for having my back concerning Mark Hyman's attack on me. Not only did Media Matters do a stellar job in pointing out the distortions and falsehoods concerning me, but they thoroughly debunked Hyman's smears of other college teachers he committed in the same commentary.

More importantly, MMFA is taking a leading role in keeping the heat on Sinclair Broadcasting, particularly in their participation in Sinclair Action, a group of progressive organizations that are working to educate people on the reality of Sinclair's business and "journalistic" practices. They've just revamped their website, and it looks great. I highly recommend that everyone take a look and take action.

Finally, thanks to the posters to this blog, anonymous and otherwise, for the words of encouragement. They are truly appreciated!




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