Sunday, April 09, 2006

Editorial Rip-Off

Other than the fact that he calls for increased federal regulation of business, Mark Hyman’s recent editorial on the burning issue of “gift cards” is unremarkable and . . . well . . . dull. In place of the standard critique of his argument, I offer the following parallel/parody of his remarks.

Not certain what to think on a given issue? If you look to “The Point”, it will likely be worthless.

There are many editorial and op-ed outlets in the broadcast and print media. Some commentators have journalistic experience and abide by basic tenets of full disclosure when commenting on issues that touch on their own interests. Not so for Mark Hyman at “The Point.” According to an investigative story that appeared in GQ magazine, Sinclair Broadcasting, Hyman’s employer, has had longstanding ties to Bob Ehrlich, the former congressman and current governor of Maryland. Hyman himself worked for Ehrlich. Hyman often uses his nationally-viewed editorial segment to praise Ehrlich and his allies and to attack his political enemies. Yet he never discloses his own personal connections to the governor, or the fact that the then-congressman lobbied for Sinclair or that Sinclair actively participated in Ehrlich’s bid to become governor. On top of this, Hyman lacks any journalistic experience.

Hyman’s editorials are one-sided and self-serving. The Federal Communication Commission should consider reinstating the Fairness Doctrine and requiring media figures to disclose personal ties when reporting or commenting on people or issues in which they have a personal stake.

And that’s The Counterpoint.


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