Monday, October 23, 2006


It's certainly too early to call it a victory, but a recent perusal of the website shows that the two recent commentaries about George Soros that slandered him as a Nazi collaborator have been taken down.

This might simply be a coincidence. The Newscentral website is often squirrely and things go missing and reappear often without any reason.

Yet, the sudden departure of these particualr two commentaries following the notification of Soros's organization by a number of you along with yours truly might be linked. At the very least, it may be that someone in legal at Sinclair may have recognized after the fact that they were leaving themselves open for huge slander suit.

We'll wait to see what happens. If any one out there can confirm if Soros (or anyone else) pressured Sinclair to remove these posts, please share the good news.

Of course, this is not an adequate response, even if it turns out Sinclair has taken them down as a result of pressure. Hyman must publicly apologize and repudiate his statements. Please visit the website and keep the pressure on!



At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ted, Thanks for the update. Alas, a small victory, given that putrid-mouth Hyman spews forth every evening on our local channel.

The Soviets, Communist Chinese, and the Bush Administration have all been guilty of altering historical reports to suit their versions of history.

Any Hyman complains about lack of journalistic ethics?



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