Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Hyman Always Lies Twice

We don’t often comment on "Mailbag" editions of “The Point,” but a couple of brief comments are in order.

First, we should note that although Mark Hyman often touts the fact that “The Point” airs viewer response, the only time this happens is on Saturday night, traditionally the period that receives the lowest ratings for local newscasts. Coincidence?

Secondly, Hyman often uses the “Mailbag” segment to voice opinions with even more nastiness than he usually does by quoting from letters of his choosing. A case in point comes this week when he cites the following remark from an admiring viewer:

"Liberals won't listen to or tell the truth."

Hyman will quote from letters that disagree with him, but they are almost entirely ad hominem attacks that suggest there is no coherent opposing point of view, just members of what Hyman refers to as “The Angry Left.” This week, after reading a number of emails that lavished praise on Hyman’s editorial about the draft, we have only one true voice of dissent, and that’s one that offers only a caricature of those who disagree with him:

Finally, Paul in Pittsburgh relayed "your commentary is as enlightening as a festered, ingrown toenail. Please seek a career more in your field, like one of those annoying voiceovers at golf [tournaments]." He shoots, he scores. Naw, it doesn't work.

We know that Hyman received feedback on his editorial pointing out that the bills concerning the draft that were introduced by Democrats were simply ways of pointing out the inherent unfairness of the draft system that’s traditionally been used that sends a disproportionate number of poor, working class, and minority youths to fight and die in America’s wars. How do we know this? Well, as we always do, we sent a copy of “The Counterpoint” refuting Hyman’s commentary to “The Point.” We’re sure we’re not the only ones to have brought up these facts, either.

Of course, Hyman gave no airtime to comments that countered his misrepresentations with the truth. Why? Because even Hyman doesn’t believe his own spin. He knows his commentary was disingenuous, and doesn’t want to be busted on his own show.

Hyman is a classic bully: he can dish it out, but when someone fights back, he won’t rise to the challenge.

And that’s The Counterpoint.


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