Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sinclair Broadcasting: Unnatural and Perverted

Sorry for interrupting our usual daily postings refuting "The Point" with larger issues, but this one is worth it. You owe it to yourself to check out this article from Salon.com on Sinclair broadcasting as well as the individual behind "Stolen Honor."

Among the many interesting bits of information:

Carlton Sherwood, creator of "Stolen Honor," was disgraced in the mid 1980s when he did an elaborate series of "news" stories claiming funds for the Vietnam Memorial in Washington were being misused and stolen. The charges were later revealed to be completely without merit.

David Smith, CEO of Sinclair, used his news division to work off his community service (stemming from an arrest for solicitation for prostitution) for him by doing stories on a drug rehab clinic.

Frederick Smith, brother of David and a vice president at Sinclair, owns a trailer park under investigation for racially discriminating against African Americans.

A former Sinclair employee says there was a "hostile" work atmosphere at the company that created an atmosphere of permissiveness when it came to sexual harassment.

And these guys have the nerve to lecture about ethics in journalism?

And that's yet another extra "Counterpoint."


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