Monday, April 17, 2006

Mailbag Malaise

Mark Hyman recently ran a special two-part mailbag segment featuring responses to his ACLU/pretzel editorial in which he attacked the ACLU as being anti-Christian. If you’ll remember, this blog responded with a laundry list of dozens of cases in which the ACLU defended the rights of Christians to practice their religion.

Hyman devoted separate mailbag segments to the
positive and negative responses he received. But as he is wont to do, his choice of negative comments was telling, including those involving scatological references, deleted expletives, and the suggestion the ACLU should argue for the removal of crosses from the graves of veterans.

I’m guessing that last one was actually a sarcastic remark from an anti-ACLU person that Hyman pretended was sincere. In any case, we have yet another example of Hyman using his mailbag segment (something trumpeted on the website as offering viewers a chance to participate in a dialog) to caricature those who deign to disagree with him. Even his positive viewer comments are empty and inane platitudes on Hyman's good sense, not coherent thoughts or opinions about the topic. And this is what you’re getting rather than a legitimate editorial segment in which local citizens talk about local issues.

I forwarded the list of ACLU cases included on this blog to Hyman, but somehow they didn’t get mentioned. To be fair, though, it would have taken a week’s worth of “Points” to read through that list.

And that’s The Counterpoint.


At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, that awful "Mailbag".

Yet another way that Sinclair abuses viewers and makes clear that they couldn't give a rat's ass about actually advancing any debates or truly discussing issues. Nope, another means of trashing those "america haters".

The moneyed far right is so hippocritical. Wrapped up in the flag, they actively work to tear at our social fabric.

Can anyone figure out at what point the moneyed far right will be happy about their level of control? They run all federal branches of government, they forcibly spread their gospel of greed to the world (and why we're mired in Iraq). They lie to us, they cheat, and then, without any irony, wrap themselves in American Flags and godliness.

Yet, as Hyman's Mailbag shows, they still have no interest in being good corporate citizens.

They have so much, and give so little back. Not very "new testament".


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