Thursday, November 16, 2006

More on Hyman-Gate

As many of you know, Mark Hyman recently offered a pseudo retraction for his smear of George Soros.

In his most recent “Short Takes” segment, Hyman claims that he was told by a representative of Soros that the philanthropist had made a mistake in answering a question posed in the “60 Minutes” interview Hyman cited in his smear, a mistake attributable to Soros not being a native speaker of English.

Hyman says the Soros representative explained that Soros was “hiding for his life” during World War II, not (as Hyman said) helping to identify Jews in hiding.

Now, I have not problem believing that a representative for Soros said this to Hyman. But I’m certain it isn’t *all* that was said. In fact, as we pointed out in this space earlier, Soros’s statements in the interview didn’t say what Hyman claimed they did. Whether or not Soros misspoke, nothing that he said could possibly be construed to mean what Hyman claimed it did.

Hyman is hiding behind a fig leaf, claiming his slander was just an honest mistake (and not even *his* mistake).

That’s utter nonsense. And the fact that Hyman offered any sort of retraction at all suggests he knows (or was told) how much trouble he had gotten himself into. As we know, Hyman’s not one to correct his misstatement of fact unless he’s absolutely compelled to.
And even when he does, he does everything he can to cover up the extent of his dishonesty.

While the whole story behind Hyman’s imminent departure is yet to be told, this pseudo-retraction supports my working thesis that the Soros slander was the precipitating factor, and if that’s the case, we all owe Mr. Soros a big “thank you!”

And that’s The Counterpoint.


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


And, of course, you can take part in absorbing the credit, as your work and blog notes alerted your fans (and I suspect Soros) of this smear job, one of many perpetrated by the angry right.

So, Hyman's "exhausted" from his work on "The Point"? Would he ever consider how exhausted his viewers and victims have become? Yet you still fight the good fight.

SBG, Marky, Bill O'Harrassment, Rush Drugbaugh, and the whole rotten cart of slanderers are a tiresome infection on the body's politics.

thank for your antiseptic work.


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